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Online education is a big deal and it’s only going to become more prevalent moving forward. People like being able to learn in new and exciting ways. This is why instruction methods need to change to catch up with the times. Keep reading to learn tips for how to achieve highly interactive instruction in your online classroom. 


Video games are incredibly popular in the modern era and the video game industry has become gigantic. You can actually use games to your advantage when it comes to educating students as well. Games can be a great learning tool when used properly. They can help to teach students of any age about various concepts and they are highly interactive by nature. 

Provide Active Learning Experiences

Active learning experiences can help students stay engaged with what is going on. You shouldn’t make all of your lessons lectures if you want students to interact with you. Find ways for them to become a part of the lessons and allow them to take an active learning role. Admittedly, this can be more difficult in an online course than it would be in a normal classroom setting, but simulations can still be used to help students interact with the lesson plan. 

Make Communication a Part of the Class

Making communication a part of the class is a good way to increase classroom interactions. When teaching courses online, it’s still possible to call on students to give opinions or to provide insight. You should also make it very simple for students to communicate with professors. Communication should be at the center of everything that you’re doing. 


Allow students to collaborate with each other during various parts of the class. This can help them to engage more in what is going on and can lead to better learning experiences. Some students can gain a lot by being forced out of a bubble and being made to work with others. Collaborative assignments are very interactive by nature. 

Allowing Students to Lead the Class

There might be times where you will be able to allow students to lead the class. This can be done when students are supposed to give presentations for various projects. Moments like this are very interactive and will often become the most memorable moments for them. Consider allowing students to engage with the class like this when it is appropriate to do so.