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EdTech has continually evolved in the past decade and many changes are coming soon. As technology continues to improve, EdTech becomes an even more valuable part of the education experience. Many schools are making use of EdTech in interesting ways now and they’ll be able to do even more in the near future. Read on to take a look at the future of EdTech.

More Customizable Video and Multimedia Options

Studies have shown that many people respond well to visual learning tools. Customizable video and multimedia options will be a big part of the future of EdTech. Both schools and companies will be making use of tools such as this to help teach valuable skills. Videos will become even more informative and interactive.

EdTech and Improving Accessibility

In the near future, EdTech is going to be able to make education more accessible to everyone. Some students might have special needs that aren’t being met in the current education system. EdTech can improve things by offering solutions to many problems. For example, a student who isn’t able to communicate traditionally might be able to communicate with others using special software.

Specialty Software

Specialty software can be created to help teach specific subjects. EdTech seems to be trending toward creating specific tools to help teach certain subjects effectively. This could mean software that is specifically meant to teach students English or it could mean a program that is meant to support a chemistry course. Tailored software that is designed to teach in a specific way can make it easier for teachers to improve the overall educational experience for students.

EdTech Adoption Rates Will Soar

The education system in America has been in drastic need of an overhaul for a long time. EdTech adoption rates are steadily increasing and they will likely soar in the coming decade. School systems are looking for ways to close the gap between performance numbers in America and many other nations. Better tools for students and teachers to use will be helpful and many school systems will be looking to upgrade their offerings soon.