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You probably know how important eLearning is becoming and it’s only growing to become a bigger piece of the puzzle moving forward. This new decade is set to be very big for the expansion of eLearning.

 With that in mind, you may be interested to hear more about what eLearning trends are going to be big news during this new decade.

Mobile Learning 

Mobile learning is a term that might very well replace eLearning in the near future. Mobile learning is about giving people ways to learn on the go. Those who are seeking education can learn many things using mobile devices that allow training to occur through videos. The other benefit of this is the “found time” it allows. What used to be ‘doing the dishes’ can transform into learning about everything from calculus to world history.

You can use a mobile learning approach for many different types of education as well. This is great for job training, self-directed learning, informal learning, and social learning. The new decade will see mobile learning become a bigger part of eLearning. It’s just a very convenient way to deliver educational experiences to the masses. 


Kids love video games and adults do as well. People have discovered that video games can be used as excellent learning tools and this is going to be applied in the eLearning space. Gamification is about coming up with more ways to turn games into educational experiences. Kids can learn important skills by playing games that are designed to teach. 

This isn’t something new since kids have been using educational games for a long time. Gamification is simply going to become a bigger deal than ever before in this new decade. The video game industry is gigantic in the modern era and it makes sense that the power of games could be harnessed in such a positive way. Be on the lookout for more educational gaming experiences that will make eLearning that much better. 

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is also going to become much more prevalent in eLearning during this new decade. Many companies are using AI for various purposes now and the technology continues to improve. AI can potentially help educators to get a better return on their investments in eLearning technologies. It can be used to focused lesson plans and can also take on the role of a virtual coach.