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You are probably aware of how much technology is starting to change classrooms across America. Technology is great and it can lead to better educational experiences overall. However, many people are forgetting that education is about much more than just the tools that are available to educators. Education is about creating a real connection between students and teachers. 

Tech Isn’t the Answer

People might be tempted to think that tech will be the answer to all of the world’s problems. This is simply not the case and people often underestimate the importance of the human element. The education technology that is currently in place is helpful in many ways, but it could also lead to larger classroom sizes and many problems. Technology by itself is not going to be an effective teacher if it doesn’t have educators to help guide students. 

Students need to be able to receive human help so that they can grow. If a student doesn’t get much attention and is merely made to look at a screen, then that student is not going to learn as much as they can. This is a problem in many tech-heavy classrooms and businesses simply see education tech as a way to drive costs down. Some schools and companies look for ways to hire fewer teachers to keep profits high and costs low. 

The Power of a Good Teacher

The power of a good teacher is something that cannot be replicated by technology. When a teacher has a real connection with students, that teacher is going to be able to help them to grow in many ways. Many of the most successful individuals credit specific teachers that they worked with for their successes. If you remove the teachers from the scenario, then the kids are left with an empty and potentially soulless educational experience. 

This does not mean that tech is bad in any way or that tech is not going to improve things for students. It does mean that school systems, businesses, and world leaders should recognize the power of educators. They help to mold young minds and can fuel the successes of future generations when given the right resources. Reducing the number of teachers will never lead to a better educational experience for all.