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Darin Kapanjie

Online Education

No one doubts Darin Kapanjie’s passion and dedication to online education and leadership. As a graduate of Temple University with his Ed.D. Curriculum, Instruction & Technology in Education and a dissertation entitled “Sense of Community of Practice in Online Education: A Case Study of an MBA Program”, Darin’s work in online education has been nothing short of influential.

For 10 years, Darin served as the Academic Director of Temple University’s Fox School of Business, where he built the Online MBA program (2009) from the ground up. Here, he also implemented the dynamic Fox Flipped Classroom model across the Fox MBA and BBA programs, creating engaging production-value, micro-video lectures and an unstructured team-based learning in the classroom (both physical and real-time virtual classroom settings).

Currently, Darin Kapanjie is an Associate Professor in the Statistical Science Department at Temple University, Fox School of Business. Here, he teaches a number of undergraduate courses in applied calculus, statistics and business analytics, all the while integrating pedagogical strategies that motivate millennial learners. Darin is known for being an early adopter of cutting-edge instructional technology tools, and he is the author behind a digital first Applied Calculus textbook with Nathan Ritchey, Katharine Fischer and Pearson (2020).

Darin Kapanjie has also served as a Core Course Coordinator in the Statistical Science Department, Faculty Coordinator for the Online Initiatives & Honors Tablet Laptop Program, Chair of the Executive Committee for Computer and Information Technology, Chair of the Online Learning Affinity Group for the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), Founder & Strategic Leader of Online MBA Consortium, Managing Director for Fox Online & Digital Learning Team, and Academic Director for the Online Program at Temple University’s Fox School of Business.

Outside of his work in online education, Darin is involved in Community Leadership at the Garnet Valley School District’s Education Foundation (2017-Present). He is also a Den Leader for Cub Scout Pack 260 (2016-Present).

In addition to his doctoral studies, Darin has an M.S. in Mathematics from Shippensburg University, M.Ed. in Mathematics from Widener University, and a B.A. in mathematics with a minor in Economics from the University of Delaware.

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